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User Manual

Lemon Rx would like to thank John(JJ604) and Nigel(Daedalus66) for all the contributions to the user manual below as well as various forum discussion support.

  1. User manual (Initial release. See 2 below for the latest update.)
    In Production
    - Lemon Rx 7-Ch (LM0086) Telemetry Stabilizer quick start and  essential guide (click for 2 separate download links)
    - Lemon Rx 10-Ch (LM0087) Telemetry Stabilizer quick start and essential guide (click for 2 separate download links)
    - Lemon Rx 6-Ch and 7-Ch (LM0080 / LM0081, no telemetry) receiver user manual
    Lemon Rx DSMP Plug & Go transmitter module (LMT0001)
    Lemon Rx DSMP DIY transmitter module (LMT0002)
    - Lemon Rx Microbrick (LM0070) reference guide and user manual (click for 2 separate download links)    

    Legacy Product
    - Lemon Rx Receiver (LM003X...etc, 1st GEN receiver with no telemetry)
    - Lemon Rx receiver with Telemetry  (LM0051/LM0052 series)
    - Lemon Rx Stabilizer (LM0043)
    - Lemon Rx Stabilizer PLUS (LM0044)

    Supplemental Information 
    - LM0086 German user manual:  Lemon Rx 7-Kanal-Telemetrie-fähiger stabilisierter Empfänger
    - LM0070 German user manual: Lemon Microbrick-Referenzhandbuch
    - LM0086/87 TEXTGEN menu for from RC Jim:

  2. RCGroups discussion and latest user manual for all products

  3. Misc. and Open Source
    LM0070 MicroBrick 3D CAD file
    LMT0002 DSMP DIY Module 3D CAD file
Note 1) Lemon receivers are tested to work with genuine Spektrum™ transmitters. They are compatible with the Multimodule and Lemon transmitter modules. However early Orange DSM2 transmitters are not fully DSM2 compatible and some receivers may not bind to them.