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User Manual

Lemon Rx would like to thanks to John(JJ604) and Nigel(Daedalus66) for all the contribution in user manual as well as various forum discussion.

  1. User manual  initial release (see below 3 for latest update)
    - Lemon Rx Receiver (receiver with no telemetry)
    - Lemon Rx receiver with Telemetry  (LM0051/LM0052 series)
    - Lemon Rx Stabilizer
    - Lemon Rx Stabilizer PLUS

  2. RCGroups discussion

  3. Lemon Rx product selection. If you are confused with Lemon Rx product you may wish to visit the link below for a complete summary of all products:
    Click for a complete summary of Lemon Rx products

  4. Most updated user manual can be found in RCGroups:
    Click for RCGroups user manual page for all Lemon Rx product